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If you want to know the secret of life, just ask JJ because he found it. He found it and he lived it every day to the fullest—in the way he cared for his kids (and for any kid who needed it whether they were his or not), in the way he adored his wife (the love of his life since they started dating when Terry was 14), and in the way he loved all the simple everyday things the rest of us overlook  and take for granted.

Jeremiah Joshua Wolf born on March 12, 1980  (age 41) (who may have been known by you as JJ, Bubba, J, brother, or dude) was best known as daddy to four perfect little pieces of himself- Evelyn “Evie” Nouvelle (age 12), Milo Eisley (age 9), Wesley “Wes” Felix (age 5), and Rosalie “Rosie” Ila (age 2).  JJ was the ultimate dad. He found a way to balance teaching his kids how to be caring, loving, kind, and adventurous with being responsible and hard working – which was easy for him because they were just following his example.  JJ was involved in everything the kids did, from taking them to Gymboree when they were little, to coaching soccer, basketball, and baseball.  JJ was there for it all the way- every bit of him and not just for his own kids, but every kid on those teams.  He loved them all and each kid knew it.

JJ was also the uncle to nine (9) nieces and nephews.  Gavin George (age 13), Emory “EmJ” George (age 10), Kallie Grigg (age 13), Madison Grigg (age 11), Ava Grigg (age 7), Keegan Hilliary (age 11), Kipton Hilliary (age 7), Gideon Pickard (age 2), and Gatlin Pickard (8 months). JJ loved the cousins just like his own children.  He was there any time they needed anything. He loved having all of the kids at his house to swim, fish, slide down the water slide as assisted by canola oil (for extra speed, of course), or ride ATVs in the field behind the house.  Whatever they were doing, JJ made sure the perfect playlist of chill music was playing in the background.

Before he became a dad, he was fully trained as the big brother to his three little sisters- Lysbeth “Liz” George, Megan Hilliary, and Kelcie Pickard.  Bubba was fiercely protective of his sisters and has been known to show up looking for a fight if he thought you looked at one of them the wrong way.  Somehow the sisters found husbands that JJ approved and trusted to take care of his sisters. Liz is married to David George, Megan is married to Dustin Hilliary, and Kelcie is married to Owen Pickard.  JJ was also the brother-in-law to Nathan Grigg and his wife Alicia Grigg.  JJ treated and loved David, Dustin, Owen, and Nathan as his own brothers.

JJ was the son to Jerry and Jennifer Wolf and he left a hole in their hearts that will never be filled.  JJ found a way to never grow up and stayed his momma’s little adventurous boy every day of his life.  His daddy (Jerry) was his best friend.  They spoke every day (most days more than once). If dad ever needed anything, JJ had usually already anticipated it and was on it. Mom and dad had dinner with JJ and his family usually once a week or more and JJ loved them with all his heart.  JJ was also the son-in-law to Leann Smith (married to JC Smith) and Mike Grigg (married to Rachel Grigg).

Terry- his sweet, precious, brilliant, kind wife. JJ loved her with a love too big for this world. He told her how beautiful she was every morning… and he meant it every time.  Terry allowed JJ to be the JJ the world needed him to be.  She gave him the life we all wish we could find… a way to slow down and to really live.  Terry and JJ were so in love--with each other, with their children, with their friends, with the lives that they built together.  And we all loved them right back.

JJ had many cousins, aunts, and uncles-- too many even for this full page: the Scott and Libby Adkins Family, the Chuck Baker Family, and the David and Jimmie Baker Family.

JJ passed away in his home in Blanchard, Oklahoma on Monday, November 29, 2021 and is in heaven now with his Grandma Gayle (Phyllis Gayle Baker), Grandpa Frankie (Charles Frank Baker), Gaga (Wanda Ebey), JW Wolf (John William Wolf), and many others. He wishes we could all see just how beautiful it is- he would send you a photo of the sunshine if he could but if you look outside at just the right time of day, he will be sure to send a glimpse your way.

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